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UX and UI design.

Crafted by Dan Gilmore.

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  • Design principles

    UX and UI design, with care

    My work is guided by a simple two-part principle:

    Research empowers insight, and insight empowers care.

    Care empowers a designer to truly put people first – whether they're customers, clients, or staff.

    Caring for people has direct benefits for businesses. Improved user experience can increase sales revenues by 2-7 per cent, and profitability by 1-2 per cent.

    Putting people first is a really solid step towards greater successes.

    Client list

    I've worked with the following clients:

    1. Personalised Plates Queensland (often known as PPQ)
    2. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
    3. Delphi Bank
    4. RAMS
    5. The System Works Group (commonly known as TSWG)
    6. iFactory
    7. Performax International
    8. Musta
    9. Noosa Radiology
    10. Vita Enterprises
    11. PeakXD
    12. Inland Rail
    13. U S C (also known as the University of the Sunshine Coast)
    14. Brisbane City Council
    15. Flight Centre
    16. Children's Hospital Foundation