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Jetsam | UX survey recruitment brief

Published: 28 September 2016

Without an existing user base, the project team will be reliant on using a survey to build a dataset to justify its design decisions. Before we send out the survey, we need to be clear about who we want to complete the survey.

Choose the best idea

Published: 27 September 2016

Our UX team wanted assurance they were about to tackle the juiciest idea in the social travel space. We conducted interviews, and came away with a fantastic problem - two viable ideas. How did we choose the best idea?

Jetsam | UX Project Plan commentary

Published: 26 September 2016

From the outset, our team recognised it should seek validation from prospective users regarding its business value. Therefore our Project Plan emphasises research activities to ensure our app could monetise realistically. So what have we put in place to drive our success?

Jetsam | UX Project Plan

Published: 26 September 2016

Imagine an app for travellers with introvert tendencies. It's a way to meet other travellers for a day of adventure and companionship based around common interests. I want this app so badly! I want it so badly that I'm going to create a UX case study for it. This is the Project Plan for the next four insane weeks.

Meet the jetsams: UX for connecting travel companions

Published: 8 September 2016

Shortly before I left for a recent Japan trip, I encountered an iPhone app dedicated to connecting travellers and their plans. As a habitually solo traveller, this could potentially be a valuable tool for creating adventures! So what happened?