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Jetsam | UX Project Plan

26 September 2016

Imagine an app for travellers with introvert tendencies. It's a way to meet other travellers for a day of adventure and companionship based around common interests. I want this app so badly! I want it so badly that I'm going to create a UX case study for it. This is the Project Plan for the next four insane weeks.

Download the Jetsam Project Plan

Review the whole project plan.

Feedback from UX practitioner friends is encouraged. Sorry, I'm not accepting unsolicited feedback right now.

Project vision

How can we connect solo travellers in the same location so they can meet for spontaneous adventures together?

The big picture

Solo* travellers enjoy travelling solo.

Sometimes though it’s nice to find another solo traveller or two to share an adventure with. Sometimes the guidebooks won’t tell you the locals’ hot spots. 

Sometimes the random travel adventures make for the best memories.

Sometimes the randoms you meet while on the road make for lifelong friends. 


By connecting travellers on the basis of their plans, we can create qualified information for local tourist-centric businesses to market more intimate/boutique experiences to backpackers (rather than bus-sized tour groups).

„What is the one thing we must get right to make this project worth undertaking?

Travellers must feel like they’re about to have a great day in a foreign country.


Primary goal

Detail what the primary goal of the project is. (Buy a product, fill out a contact form, post a comment)

Connect a traveller with like-minded travellers so they can agree on a time and place to meet. 

Secondary goals

If there is a secondary goal what is it? (Post a review, sign up for the newsletter, post a comment)


  • To encourage a traveller to supply their upcoming travel itineraries.
  • To allow a traveller to plan ahead to coordinate with local events and other travellers within a given location during a given time.
  • Ensure a traveller has the tools to protect their safety while meeting with other travellers.


Create qualified information and leads about small-group tourist behaviour in a given location at a given time.


  • The team’s objective is to produce a user research-validated low-fidelity prototype of a task-focused mobile app. 
  • Validation and research activities, where practicable, shall collect data to evaluate the app’s desirability (and therefore its business value) as well as its usability. It is noted that this objective would normally be the purview of a BA. In the absence of a BA’s involvement, meeting this objective will substantially boost the team’s ability to meet the next objective:
  • The app concept process and documentation should be to an investor pitch-ready standard.


The team is committed to delivering a comprehensive concept of a mobile app as a passion project. We are passionate about establishing our credentials as UX practitioners. As such, there is no intention to include the app’s user interface (UI) or branding in the project’s scope.

Ultimately, the objective of this project is to reinforce the team’s members’ suitability for UX roles. Therefore, documenting our collaboration takes on additional importance (beyond the standard UX practice of documenting decision-making processes) in expressing our passion and professionalism to members of the UX industry.

Supporting features

This portion of the conversation will take the longest. You can expedite the process by taking the following approach:

1. List all of the supporting features of the application first with no discussion.
2. Then go back through and list how each feature supports the primary or secondary goal.

Social network friending

  • Add, remove, block users as friends
  • Manage profile


  • Add, edit, remove itineraries (“I’m going to be in Place X on Dates Y to Z”)
  • Add, edit, remove activities (“I’m intending to do Thing A while I’m here”)
  • Request to join; accept requests; block requests to join an activity
  • Browse plans which overlap with your own itinerary
  • Browse users whose itineraries overlap your own
  • Automatically cancel activity requests where the host’s itinerary no longer overlaps with your own
  • Communicate with an individual and a group of people related to an activity
  • Import/export activity details to external apps such as Calendar, TripIt, etc.
  • Import/export contact details to WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, Contacts, etc.


  • Allow an activity host to report another user who has invaded their activity
  • Warn a user to depart an activity if they have crashed another user’s activity
  • Share your location with people related to an activity
  • Track and share your location with a nominated Safe Person


  • Promote local events or business deals to travellers


  • Collect aggregated metrics about numbers and behaviour of tourists in a given location
  • Multi-language support

Download the Jetsam Project Plan

Review the whole project plan.

Feedback from UX practitioner friends is encouraged. Sorry, I'm not accepting unsolicited feedback right now.