Delphi Bank caters to an older, Euro-centric customer base. Business banking features are integral to this client.

There's a maxim which I quite like: "Strong ideas, lightly held". It reflects the need to hold firm to your ideas until data reveals a more true truth. Be bold in your vision, yet update that vision without hesitation.

During a product review, our team found several input fields which were functionally useless. It's best practice to treat customer input with a "less is more" approach. We only ask for information that is timely and relevant. But in this instance, the customer's information was never saved or processed. I immediately slated these fields for removal.

Yet a due-diligence check revealed something curious. While most customers ignored the useless fields, a handful of business-banking customers didn't.

These customers showed us a feature which had escaped earlier UX research. Their lifehack solution immediately went onto the product roadmap with priority status. The team's conversation switched from "deletion" to "support customers". The fields marked for deletion were still functionally useless and caused bad UX. But now, we needed to spin up a new solution to support the business-banking customers.

I will always seek to follow best UX practice. Yet listening to customer data leads us to a more true truth. And that's good for our users' experience.